Garage Door Springs

If your garage door suddenly stops opening, don’t fear, you may just have a broken spring. Trinity Garage Door Service is Tampa Bay’s expert when it comes to garage door spring service. Our high-cycle oil-tempered springs last up to 65,000 open and close cycles – the highest quality you can get in the industry.

Our Springs Services Include:

  • Removal of old springs
  • Two High-cycle oil-tempered springs
  • Proper balancing of the new springs for optimum performance of the door
  • Don’t be fooled by companies who say their springs last up to 100,000 uses. We install the highest quality garage door springs designed for everyday, long-lasting use – guaranteed!

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Garage Door Springs Repair and Replacement

Garage Doors

Garage doors aren’t quite as simple as you think they are. They are made up of different materials, consisting of hundreds of individual parts where each part is essential to the function of the whole system to work properly. This means that failure of one of the components could lead to different unwanted scenarios—from your car being locked out because the garage door stopped opening, to a costly total replacement of the door due to major damage, or even worse, an accident.

Garage Door Spring Maintenance and Safety Issues

Garage doors need maintenance just like your car and your house. When they are left unchecked and neglected, failure of one of the components can occur. A thorough check-up, at least annually, should be conducted on your garage door and its parts.
Garage door springs are one of the most common parts of garage door systems vulnerable to component failure. A broken garage door spring can injure and be fatal to people and your pets, and be destructive to your properties if not taken care of immediately. The most common accidents from garage door systems arising from this component failure include:

  • Serious and fatal injuries that may occur when the wrong part is removed or loosened from a garage door when under great tension
  • A garage door falling freely with a heavy force due to its extremely heavy weight due to broken springs or the use of springs with the wrong spring strength
  • Do-it-yourself repairs.

Garage Door Springs Repair and Replacement

Attempts of repairing a garage door when people without any proper training and the right tools handle the situation can lead to unwanted situations. If your garage door suddenly stopped working, your garage door spring may just be broken and is just in need of repair or replacement. Don’t panic! Just pause, pick up the phone, and contact us, Trinity Garage Door Service. We are the Tampa, Florida’s garage door service experts, priding ourselves with fast, reliable, and professional results. Our high-cycle oil-tempered springs last up to 65,000 open and close cycles – the highest quality you can get in the industry

Our Springs Services include:

  • Removal of old springs
  • Two High-cycle oil-tempered springs
  • Proper balancing of the new springs for optimum performance of the door

There is no job too large for us to complete with quality results. We guarantee quality work after every job and back all labor and parts with optional warranty packages. Avoid the hassle, make dealing with garage doors simple, call us, and let us experts do it for you.
Making things simple. Trinity Garage Door Service.

Garage Door Replacement Spring

Replacing your garage door spring is a risky and tasking job to do. You never want to meddle with anything that is under extreme amount of tension. But you just can’t let your garage door spring be left unfixed or unchanged.

There are two types of springs used on garage doors: torsion and extension springs. Torsion springs are those attached just above the closed garage door. Extension springs, on the other hand, can be found above the upper tracks of both sides of the door. Because they are “springs” by nature, they have the tendency to break if they cannot withstand the pressure anymore. The life span of any of these types of garage door springs depends on the design of your garage doors but can range from 5-10 years or even more.

Garage door springs also have different sizes, strength, and inner-outer diameter measurements. When replacing your garage door spring, one must make sure that the spring that the exact spring be used for replacement to avoid future complications.

Just to be sure, have professionals do the replacement for you!

DIY replacement of garage door springs can bring you more harm than good. So let us handle it for you and help you save the time and effort in replacing your garage door springs. We can replace your spring with the latest in the market, such as the high-cycle oil-tempered spring that can last up to 15000 – 16000 cycle.


Garage Door Spring Replacement Cost

Garage door springs are one of the vital parts of garage doors. These springs make it easier to raise and lower the door. Garage door springs were designed and made to last a very long time! However, after all the extreme weather changes, the heavy lifting and lowering, and the wrath of time, these metals weaken and break.

Once this happen, we encourage you to never attempt replacing a garage door spring by yourself. DIY garage door spring replacement can be very dangerous and fatal. Those springs are under extreme and enormous amount of tension, and one false move can lead to accident. Not to mention that DIY requires certain tools and equipment for the job. Knowing the right size of the spring can be tricky too!

So while doing a DIY in the attempt of saving cash, you just might end up venting more money out due to additional expenses from equipment purchase, re-purchasing of springs due to improper size, and hospital bills.

Have your garage door springs replaced by professionals! No question there. It may cost you depending from the type of spring that needs to be replaced. An average garage door spring replacement can range from $150 to $250. This includes the spring itself, the transport fee, and the service fee. Your safety can never be too costly, and your comfort is an added bonus surely anyone would take.

With our honest, quick, and professional service, you’re sure to have your garage door working in no time without any hassle or getting ripped off.

Want to find out more? Give us a call, and we can give you an estimate of the cost.